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Dodo Ikire

QAR 10.50 QAR 10.00
‘Dodo Ikire’ sold in pack.
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Golden Morn

QAR 48.00 QAR 45.00
  It is a nutritious and tasty cereal made from whole maize and soya Golden Morn contains added vitamins such

Groundnut (Roasted)

QAR 11.50 QAR 10.00
Groundnut Packed in Plastic Bottle

Honey (OyinGidi)

QAR 55.00 QAR 50.00
  This is pure honey in 1 litre bottle Packed in Bottle    

Moringa Tea

QAR 7.00 QAR 6.00
  Healthy Tea, Vegan, Weight Loss, Sugar Control, Cleanse, Detox, Teatox, Anti-diabetic, Moringa tea, Moringa leaf tea, Low Carbohydrate, Low