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QAR 70.00 QAR 65.00
  Our garri is carefully processed to perfection without any synthetic chemicals to produce the finest grains ever. The flavor

Honey Beans (Ewa Oloyin)

QAR 90.00 QAR 85.00
  One paint bucket of Honey Beans The popular Nigerian brown beans (Ewa-Oloyin) are actually brown cowpeas which are cultivated

Poundo Yam

QAR 90.00 QAR 85.00
Ola-Ola pounded yam flour is very smooth to feel and easily dissolves in hot water. When prepared, it has the

Yam Flour (Elubo)

QAR 95.00 QAR 90.00
  One paint bucket of yam flour (elubo) Processed from carefully sourced African Yams, this flour is used to make